FAWM 2016

I am getting primed and ready for this year's attempt at the FAWM.ORG album-in-a-month competition, completion of which has so far eluded me.

My electric guitar has been restrung, de-crudded, and polished. A new Snark tuner has been procured thanks to good old Christmas. Most importantly, an iMac with a weird screen defect, but apparently nothing else seriously wrong with it, apart from its impending assault from my PC-trained self, has been coaxed back into life and a copy of GarageBand installed.

With any luck, this should simplify and streamline my recording process, allowing the songs to come to life, rather than getting frustrated with ALSA drivers (whatever they are) at four in the morning when I should be crooning sweet somethings into the finest microphone Maplins provide in their own-brand range, leaving the poor old song to stagnate, unfinished, unuploaded, and, eventually, unloved. :'( NO MORE I SAY! NO MORE!

I think something important to remember when competing (and it is a competition) in FAWM is that exercise, sustenance, and company are all useful supplements to your songwriting life. Once you have expended such great energy weaning a fresh bloody-bones of original art into being, it's important to celebrate with a bit of a party. Feel free to have a drink, or shout from the rooftops. Use some of that gushing creative energy and share your success with your neighbours in your favourite watering hole, crazy golf course, community centre, or doctor's surgery. Don't be shy.

They do say that the judiciary system is just full of strangers you haven't made friends with yet. Don't they?